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Hydra the living Museum 

Hydra is one of the Greek islands where you will be assured of wonderful hot, sunny weather, stunning colours, little coves to swim from in amazingly clear seas. Character and charm abound and the island's impressive history is evident everywhere. Many of the mansions of the leaders of the Greek Revolution, which was launched from Hydra, are today preserved and restored as hotels and museums. The entire island is designated a National Greek Monument and the preservation order stipulates an island wide ban on cars, mopeds and bikes. Transport in the island depends on one of the largest group of working horses, mules and donkeys in the world.

Hydra Island, one of the Argo Saronic Greek islands, is very cosmopolitan, safe and one of the most unique of the Greek islands to visit because the entire island is a preserved national monument and has retained all its 17th & 18th century charm and quaintness.
As there are no motorized vehicles (including bikes, or mopeds, it really does have a feel of being left untouched by the modern world although you will find all the 'real world' conveniences.

The island's history and culture and the influence of the Greek Orthodox Church are evident wherever you look. The architecture and social structure reflects centuries of external influence creating the diverse, proud and highly individual Greek island of today.

Hydra is a popular destination for Greek as well as non-domestic tourism and it's picturesque and very photogenic beauty as well as a range of stunning locations, makes it a thriving venue for weddings. Whether it's a Greek Orthodox Church wedding or a non-religious civil Registry Wedding, throughout the high season Hydra hosts at least 5 weddings per week, all of which adds a little sense of occassion to the day for everyone looking on when they clap the happy couple who walk from their ceremony location to their reception.
 From the ruins of Episcopi, the mansions of the main town - many having been converted into hotels - to the numerous chapels, churches and monasteries, every building has a story to tell.
 Welcome to the island that has inspired poets, writers and artists, produced great sea admirals and given Greece no less than 5 Prime Ministers since the Greek War of Independence of 1821.

Travel Information - Getting to Hydra 

Lots of different travel options are available to bring you to Hydra Island Greece, here you will find travel information and help in getting to Hydra.

Most often used transfer route

From Athens Int. Airport To Piraeus (Port) - Hydra (passenger catermaran by sea)

 Taxi (4 passengers plus luggage €60) from AIA - Pireaus Port, connecting with ferry

Overland to Metochi

From Athens Int. Airport To Metochi ( 3 hours Drive)m AIA (fly) - Hydra (passenger ferry)

Taxi from AIA to Metochi Jetty via Corinth Canal (3 hour drive, €290 one way), connecting with one of the passenger ferries to Hydra. (25 minute crossing)

After dark you can call a sea taxi to collect you or deliver you to Metochi.

By Helicopter

AIA (Fly) - Kivotos Islet (helicopter) - Hydra (sea taxi)

Combine an air sight-seeing trip at the start or end of your Hydra holiday! I recommend AirLift because they collect you from AIA arrivals, escort you the helicopter and liaise with a sea taxi to ensure that when you land on the rocky islet of Kivotos (200m off the beach in Molos Bay), your sea taxi is there ready to run you along the coast to wherever on Hydra's coast you want to reach. The helicopter flight is approximately 30 mins, sea taxi ride 3-5 mins.





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